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Current base meta?

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Just started exile and was wondering what I can do to defend my base as best as i can. I was thinking about stacking walls but I'm not sure if that would even work. Can any experienced player help me out haha?

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Depending on the server, stacking walls is forbidden due 2 rules or blocked anyways.

Get a decent spot for your base/flag. Build fake rooms, where the flag could be - place the flag tricky (in a place ppl would look in last place).

For example, i like to build on rocks/cliffs and place the flag near it and then build a wall wich looks more cosmetic then protecting. Place a safe or supplybox in front of that and nearby walls, so ppl don't even think about blowin that wall up.

If it's allowed to build in towns, you also could place the flag in a random, less conspicuous building - upgrade your flag and build your base as far as possible away from that - don't forget to build up some fakerooms.

Find hard destructible objects without doors, destroy them, place the flag inside - build walls inside of the object around the flag - with the next restart, the object is back and your flag is double protected and hard to spot. 


For safe rooms, use concrete - use different pins on different doors/gates.


With time you get used how to protect your base, the best way as possible and as usual, everbody got his own preferences in base building :)



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