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BattleEye CreateVehicle Restriction #0 - Exile_Animal

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BattleEye CreateVehicle Restriction #0

From CreateVehicle.log: 06.12.2017 16:24:49: Kibbz (X.X.X.X) efb4b935e1100f9d007a19a07b8715e2 - #0 "Exile_Animal_Sheep_White" 14:3 [15080,16781,17]

Pastebin for CreateVehicle.txt:

I've even attempted to use the BEM utility at the top of this sub in order to create the filters correctly and I still receive the error, sometimes its a different animal as well.


Please Advise

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It seems you are using an older version of createvehicle.txt.

Anyway, for animals, try add this filter to first line:


!"Exile_Animal_Sheep_(Beige|White|Brown|Spotted|Tricolor)" !"Exile_Animal_Goat_(Black|Dirty|White|Old|Spotted)" !"Exile_Animal_Rooster_(Gold|Brown|White)" !"Exile_Animal_Hen_(White)"

and don't forget to reloads filter or restarts server.. :)

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