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Need some Help with Objects


Hello there,

I've been working out how to place objects on the map with the exile 3den editor.
it worked after a couple of tries and trying to follow some turtorial about it and after a couple of hours... success x)
so i placed a poptab (locker) and the Locker sign.
Which are now in my live server.

Anyway , i am running infistar on the server and im getting this in one of the logs infistar uses. (not sure if this is the right place to ask)
the problem is if i get to close to the object or use it my client freezes and gives me a error code on which i click ok and closes out my arma 3.

Now this here is what i found in those infistar logs.
09.12.2017 07:21:27: Funk(76561198203139936) | Variable [exileislocked] on object [61b1bc7580# 200251: exile_locker.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [-1] | 2h 42min 19s [08-12-2017 01-03-19 - v88]

with little of my knownledge infistar requires to have a object whitelisted.

now a couple of things i need help with

I need to find out what IDD this locker is.

if anyone can help me would be greatly appriciated :)

Sincerly Bob

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19 minutes ago, WURSTKETTE said:

How exactly did you placed those lockers?

I exported the initserver and copy pasted the content into my initserver.

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