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A3Launcher not joining my exile server


I finally got my server working with a little advice from the people on here so first off thank you :)

So I've got winter chernarus and few extra mods going and I can join the server no problem from the ingame launcher all working as it should. I decided to put my server on the a3launcher so It would be easier for my friends and other people to download my mods and join my server. After doing that I waited half hour like it said to and I went onto my other pc to check if I was showing in the database and I was, however this is where the problem is even tho I have no mods on my second pc the play button was next to my server instead of the download mods icon so I clicked it and it gave me this "There was an error that could not be recovered from." So I downloaded the mods manually just to see and the same error just keeps happening. I must mention other servers work fine it's just mine :/  Any Ideas? is it my server? Any information here would be amazing. I will close this down as soon as I'm done. Many thanks.  here is my server IP will be running in the morning. 

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