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[SOLVED] Arma 1.78/1.80 Bug: Players Computer Crashes on entering Trader / Spawning Vehicle in trader


Players having a memory dump crash when the enter the trader or purchase a vehicle. The problem came after the Arma 1.78 / 1.80 update.

The answer is to remove all simple object or objects with the class name "Exile" and especially "Exile_Cosmetic" from your traders. Leave all the trader signs, they dont seem to make the crash happen.

To remove the objects, you have to edit the file that contains all your trader objects and delete them.

This is either in your initPlayerLocal.sqf  Looking like this:


_beer = "Exile_Cosmetic_Beer" createVehicleLocal [0,0,0];
_beer setDir 4.50268;    
_beer setPosATL [3648.4,8042.74,0.000854492];

In the initServer.sqf Looking like this:



_beers =
    [[13266.4, 6091.65, 7.9456],  35],
    [[1860.42, 2130.54, 5.85339],  90],
    [[10765.6, 10862.3, 153.005], -40]

    _beers = "Exile_Cosmetic_Beer" createVehicle (_x select 0);
    _beers setDir (_x select 1);
    _beers setPosASL (_x select 0);
    _beers allowDamage false;
    _beers enableSimulationGlobal true;
forEach _beers;

Or in your server addons where you have made a pbo for mission objects.


Players will also crash if you have placed simple objects at the trader (objects that cant be interacted with). Here is what I am talking about https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createSimpleObject

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The issue was affecting my Napf server, But not chernarus at all
And I basically use a copypasted trader setup i made in 3den on both servers, 

I had some exile h-barriers preventing people driving into the traders - once i replaced those with the simple object/.p3d version it hasn't crashed since.

Thank you so much for making this post, 
I was about to pull the plug on napf after trying so many things and failing. 

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Thanks @JakeHekesFists glad I could return the favour. You did great work on the DMD Chernarus building replacement script & your DMD Oceania Servers.

I took me ages to find this answer after ripping out SafeZone messages & Anti-theft. Got the answer from @Spazz711 and Exile Discord support.

Exile Discord https://discord.gg/FMkqWpF 

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