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I have been running Arma servers for a couple of years now and still don't know how to make, change or fix scripts.

I am still a copy and paste type of guy, but slowly beginning to get my head around arma coding. 

I am now going to make the effort to learn how to do it, my question is...what would be the best way to do this, would it be to learn a language like python, c++ etc first, then look into how arma commands work?

I would appreciate some advice on the best path to take in learning how to script in arma.

 Thanks in advance.  

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Funny enough, I hear a lot of people tell other people to check out C++ and Java, but this is really bad advice. The syntax of SQF is a lot like a C-style language, but it functions nothing like it.

No one particular language is going to make you better at SQF because SQF is it's own thing. What will help you the most is learning the fundamentals of programming (what variables are, what is logic, what are the basic data structures, etc). That is where I suggest starting. Where you learn those fundamentals is completely up to you.
If you have no prior programming experience, I'd suggest learning an actual language first since the help and documentation is readily available. Plus, a lot of languages have online classes you can take for free. The closest language to SQF that types and acts the same syntactically would be JavaScript, since it's c-style and dynamically typed.

If you are lucky, you will end up falling in love with another language and never put yourself through the pain of dealing with SQF. ;) 

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Thank you I will take a look around and see what training packages I can pick up online for learning a language first.  Will look for JavaScript first. Thank you 

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