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Understanding Restarts

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I need some help understanding the mechanics behind server restarts? I understand the need, but I had been under the assumption that the scripts handle the system restarts. However after reading several different posts I am confused. I have read that the host needs to perform a system restart in the form of a scheduled task. Ive also read that you can use Rcon/Battleye to do the restart. My server seems to be working, but noticed that the notification for restart and the time in the status bar was off. This is what started the discovery as I simply wanted to figure out how to get them to match. Anyone want to help clarify this for me? I have a dedicated host, with battle eye and infistar. Its currently configure to notify with infistar (and I assumed it also handled the restarts). Just want to get the times synced and insure that all is as it should be.. And in all honest I would want to avoid using a "hard coded" reset schedule using the host! Much prefer the software handle restarts.


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