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Numerous Errors with Exile


Basically, i purchased Arma 3 apex bundle, and i used both CCG and A3 launcher and i've downloaded all the required mods and still cannot join any exile servers. I've been trying to fix this for 3 days and cannot find a single fix for it online.

Please help me, any assistance would be much appreciated as i don't care about Arma 3 at all, i only purchased the game so i can play Arma 3 Exile. 

Error 1.png

error 2.png

error 3.PNG

error 4.PNG

error 5.PNG

error 6.PNG

error 7.PNG

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Quite simple!


#1 - You are using incomplete mods and not loading in the required mods.


#2 - The exceptions can come from ANYTHING.  Bad hardware, corrupt OS, a virus, poorly written program, etc.


Some of these errors are quite clear: 'CCG REQUIRES Exile'!   In this case, you did NOT have the PROPER/CORRECT Exile client even loaded!

Since you're trying to use their server, I would suggest you take these questions to them.  I know I cannot say why they did this or that nor can I answer any question about any of their add-ons.  Only they can.


Sadly, there is no 'do this' and your problems disappear.


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Remove all the mods .. unsubscribe to them you have subscribed to , and verify your arma 3 files ... you have to have arma 3 and the apex dlc .. you may also may need other DLCs depending on the server .. but apex will cover most .. as a base install 
To verify arma 3 .. open steam .. go to arma in the list of games, right click on arma 3 , properties , local files, click verify the integrity of  game files .. then after that completes .. open a3launcher .. not the in game launcher .. the a3launcher from a3launcher.com .. find a vanilla arma 3 server .. no mods or only one or two .. it will tell you you need to download mods to play .. then launch it .. if it works .. then go to a server you want to play on .. and finish getting all the mods needed for it .. a3 launcher will give you what you need .. download the mods from the launcher .. not on your own .

If That doesn't work .. you have other problems as z80cpu above said .. we can't work those out for you .. that you will have to do on your own 

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