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[SOLVED] Connection Problem



i played since two days ago again (after a half year) on a Server thats still up. Since yesterday - i get kicked by System cause of laggs (didnt happend anytime), However, since kick/disconect i cant get in the Server again. I tried already other Servers, they work fine.

I used normal exile via Steam and tried too with A3Launcher. Still see "Connecting".

What can be the problem? I`m sry if i wrong here and i know that this Thread is opend 1000 times but theres no answer i needed for my special problem >.<





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@Bastian_Duhari -

I think you answered your own question:  "...other Servers, they work fine...".

Either you have network issues getting to that server and/or that server has issues.

No one on this board can help you with this besides what I will/have mentioned.

You need to contact the server owner and ask them.  For example, they may have put in place a 'high ping' filter that they did not have 2 months ago.  So in the past, your 300ms ping got your onto their server, but with the new filter, anyone with >150ms is kicked.

If they said nothing has changed, I would recommend you just play on another server and save yourself the time and trouble.


There is really one thing you COULD try, but I do not hold much for it and it is 100% SAFE to try as well.

#1 - Open up a DOS window with admin rights.

#2 - type in:  "IPConfig /FlushDNS" - no quotes and the caps were make it easier to read/understand, just type:  ipconfig /flushdns and hit ENTER.

#3 - After hitting ENTER, you will come right back to the DOS prompt <1 second.  Type exit and hit ENTER, the DOS window will close/disappear.

#4 - A reboot would not hurt, so you can reboot if you desire.

#5 - Start ARMA and try again.


What does this command do?  See:  https://www.google.com/search?ei=_802WqqIOsXamQGYpI2YCQ&q=dns+cache+flush+windows&oq=dns+cache+flush+windows


Either this will work or it will not - And I doubt it will as TYPICALLY, one does not use DNS to connect to an ARMA server, however, you MIGHT.

My server can be connected to via an IP address OR an actual name (ARMA.MyServer.Com as an example).


Good luck!


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