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OverWrite for Radiation zones on maps w/ mountains

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This was posted today on exile discord by WolfkillArcadia to fix a small issue , where radiation / contamination zones don't work quite right on maps with mountains and you're placing the radiation on a elevation that is higher than it understands .  The original code was based on height from sea level not ground level.. causing zones to shift and not align with the center of the radiation zone .. this overwrite solves that until it's fixed in upcoming 1.04.   
Again this only matters in you have contamination zones with mountains .. most maps don't have this issue , two that do are Chernarus, and Lythium  .. IF you are placing the zone in the higher elevations of the map.
Not all maps need the fix, but it won't hurt either way .. and will as I said be patched in 1.04
overwrite /override  config.cpp  search for custom code .. place this override there 
ExileClient_system_radiation_thread_update = "fixes\ExileClient_system_radiation_thread_update.sqf"; 
What ever folder you have place your overwrites in ..  save the above linked file as ExileClient_system_radiation_thread_update.sqf  and place in your custom or overwrites folder .. if you don't have one create one in your mission folder , repack the mission and done


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