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Paid position - Looking for a Mod/admin for our server

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Hey, I am looking for someone to setup my server, get it to where I want it to be, then train me here and there on how to tweak it.

I have a background in technology and I am quick on my feet. But my IRL job is just too demanding to pickup the learning curve to be able to start playing right away.

We got a Server from gaming deluxe and from the get go we can't even get on it with Vanilla settings.

Not a big buck job or anything, but I will pay (paypal) for someone experienced and is good at teaching the back end systems of Arma.

Must be over 18, US time zone and available to hang in teamspeak. 

This might seem weird, but I have a group of players who are sick of putting effort into servers that can just disappear at anytime, stop working or drastically change the map and we loose in game assets. 

Add me on steam if you are interested.

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Just curious, what are your plans when ARMA and/or Exile updates?  You do know that this is about to happen with v1.0.4 of Exile.  Are you going to pay someone every time?


Also, there is no 'tweaking' really.  Training pays about $15 - $25 per hour.  Are you paying this rate?  And what guarantee does anyone have that you will even pay?

If you're struggling with a pre-built server as you state, you are in serious trouble and most likely 'over your head'.


There is no 'training' with ARMA/Exile.  Training implies that the subject is 'closed'.  ARMA/Exile is always 'evolving', thus, a person is always learning about this.  You can get FREE TRAINING HERE.  How do you think OTHERS DO IT???  Do not have the time?  Well, then you do not have the time to manage/run a server then.

An Exile server is NOT 'plug-n-play' by any means.  If you think that is the case, you're sadly mistaken.


You state that you have a 'background in technology' which can mean anything, such as selling smart phones - it means nothing.  Setting up a basic ARMA or Exile server takes < 30 mins and is quite simple - IF YOU CAN FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!  If this task is beyond you, know the old saying; "How can you run when you can not crawl"?


I would advise you to CANCEL the rented server, set it up on a server AT HOME and LEARN how to do stuff, THEN rent one at which time you can UPLOAD your files.

Your actions remind me of someone opening a car repair shop, THEN they want to learn how to repair cars instated of learning first, then opening a repair business.  The 'cart before the horse' scenario.


If it was SO easy to setup a server, then this website would not exist - think about that....


This is not meant to 'bash you', rather, to be honest with you and help you in many ways, such as saving your money.  There are MANY guides on here that can help and direct you on what you seek.  Paying someone just makes you a sucker and a fool because you will ALWAYS beholden unto them and at their mercy.  Surely this is not you...or is it?

Oh, you will find someone to take your money...and advantage of you.  Learn how to do it yourself.  In the end, you will feel better about yourself, you will know more, and you will have more money in your pocket.


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Paying for server and admin only to say:"hey look....i have a own server and im admin too"...omg ur money and search for a server to hang on as simple player...that should be enough for u :rock:

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Fair assessments-And thanks for the incite. My job is none of your concern however here is the last server I owned on Dayz Standalone.

I am not looking to get so involved this time around and am just looking for a simple server that we control so the server can be adjusted to our benefit.  

I think I got a few good guys writing me, so I think we will be good to go with getting things playable. 


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To quote Floss on a different thread. 

On 12/21/2017 at 10:19 AM, Flosstradamus said:

Not to sound like a dick but you're better off learning instead of someone doing it for you. There is over 900 Exile servers and you have to do something pretty unique to build your community. 


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