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Infistar Apps and Loading Times


Hey guys, 

So I have infistar and exad both running xm8 apps on my server, and they both work, but the problem is if you join the server in the first three minutes infistar's wont appear. Because of this, when they do appear they overlap with exad's apps making infistar's still unusable. At this point users need to reconnect for the xm8 to reconfigure properly. Does anyone have a fix for infistar's apps to load in immediately at the server start or I suppose a way to keep the server locked for the first two-ish minutes of a restart?

That second option isnt preferable, but it would allow things to load in and run properly before players come online. I already use infistar's auto-lock function which is supposed to accomplish this goal, but it only locks the server for a few seconds usually. Maybe that's where I've gone wrong and could use help. 

Thanks in advance



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if the server accept players (able to spawn/join) everything should be loaded properly. 3 Minutes seems a bit long, i also noticed a slight delay when opening xm8 apps first time but it's more like 500ms, until infistar apps showing up.

What you could do, be sure everything loaded properly on your server/missionfile initialized:

in @ExileServer/exile_server_config.pbo/config.cpp

class RCON
		// Autolocks server until its ready to accept players
		useAutoLock = 1;


or in @ExileServer\addons\a3_infiSTAR_Exile\EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp

	enableSystem = "true";

		Locks the server when it starts, adds an eventhandler that kciks all players "on join" until the mpmission is initiated.
		That was the server can start up more properly and "build" all bases before the first players get in..
	LOCK_ON_RESTART = "true";




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Any thoughts on how to just force infistar apps to load sooner? If i could make them a higher priority in the load order or something that would be really helpful. I turned the lock function on but by the time its unlocked the apps still arent up 


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