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Enchanced Vehicle Script

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Hello Everybody!

Ive havent touched scripting since arma 2  it been a while  What im Trying to Do  Improve Arma Vehicles With Dynamic Value That Cause shit to happens :D so then it make it visualy to everyone and then they know that the poeple in a car will have issue Soon.   That main idea 

1 : Get global vehicles Classname 
2 : Make Hitpoint  , Effect ,   ((( EX : Engine Start to Smoke at 55% of Damage. )))   Particle Effect Gray , Black , white.   ( Mini-hand Grenade Explosion ) at 1.0 dmg
                                                   ((    Fuel Tanks Has Chance to Explode  When Damage goes form 0.0 to 1.0 )) Attach LandMine To Gaz Tank with 5 Second Delay Before explosion

                                                    (( Tire  Exploding   Nothing happens Just particle Spash  (  Dirt or somethings )                                                  

So Ive been Trying to figure Out  how to Create  and i just realized I don't remember to do it. 

Here what Ive Started.


private["_vehicleClassName", "_Bodypart", "_value","_vehicleObject"]; // ( Maybe Missing some here ? )
_vehicleClassName = _this select 0;
_Bodypart = _this select 1;
_Value = _this select 2;
_vehicleObject = _this select 3;

_vehicleClassName setHitPointDamage [HitEngine, 0.00]  //( From This Part Im Lost )
if ((typeName _Bodypart) isEqualTo "_value") then 
    _vehicleObject setVectorDirAndUp _direction;    ((  Engine Location with Smoke UnderHood Popping Out ))
    _vehicleObject setDir _direction;                        (( Wind affected effect))
if (_usePositionATL) then
    _vehicleObject setPosATL _position;          (( Smoke Persist in every Fucking way possible ))  If Damage Over 0.55

['BodyPart',_value,true]  // ( These are The HitBox For vehicles )
            Damage Kinds Vehicle






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