*NEW AND IMPROVED* Sell Crates At Wastedump for R3F

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Sell crates at the Waste Dump with this new and improved script.


  • Sells the crate instantly and adds the Pop Tabs and the Respect to the player. 
  • Deletes the crate after the sale so that they are cleared up. (Less Lag and no empty crates can be used for trolling).
  • Trolls can't steal the money from the crate like the original script.
  • Exile Toast displays in funky colours telling you about how much you earned.
  • Configurable "Convenience" Charges. This allows for you to set a percentage to deduct from the earned pop tabs and respect because it's far easier to sell the whole crate rather than sell each item individually like they usually would. For example, the script is currently set to take 10% from the crate in tabs and a further 20% from the respect so the players don't earn respect too quickly because of this and because they are lazy and didn't sell each item individually, lose some money on it. :) They don't know that though, its purely for balancing out the economy of the server.
  • List of Crates is defined so people don't sell other things by accident, since this script does not total in the price of the object being carried as it's intended for crates, some people sell vehicles by accident so this prevents that.

Credit to original script: 

Download my version with all these cool new features here:

Also, Credit to the Exile Groupies whom helped me. I think i had some input from @MGTDB, @Vishpala and @StokesMagee. The first two for pointing me in the right direction and Stokes for Fixing what i had :P
Further Credit: @Andrew_S90 for teaching me the money saving :) And @kuplionfor sorting the Public Variable Nonsense. 

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New bullet point.
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7 minutes ago, kuplion said:

If Mr Bean did crate selling, it'd probably be the best crate selling in the world.

Well yakno, it's pretty fucking sweet and i worked on it for a week cuz i didn't know how to log to infiSTAR originally. ;)

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client side error

22:43:17 Error in expression <y:%1:%2', _addedRev, (_targetUID)] call ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAn>
22:43:17   Error position: <ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAn>
22:43:17   Error Nicht definierte Variable in Ausdruck: exileserver_system_database_query_fireandforget

Edited by tester
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