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Napf Castle Mission v2.1 (logic + mapping v2.0) thanks to @Pradatoru for mapping

I decided to release this mission for Napf as it demonstrates a new way of loading mapped objects which allows for a mix of simulated and simple objects so you get dynamic lighting at night and I wrote it for my new Napf server.

This mission uses 2 sets of mapping, 1 in a3_custom.pbo to load on server start and also Napf_Castle_Objects to load in a few extra objects on mission spawn to make the area change a little when a mission is triggered.

You MUST have DMS installed to run this mission.

Download from :

Install Instructions
1. 2 Choices depending on your current set up (I don't use the DMS on server start load mapping method to increase my options)
If you currently dont run a custom mapping load PBO then: Get @ExileServer\addons\a3_custom.pbo and add into your server @ExileServer\addons folder
If you do currently run a custom mapping load PBO then: add [] execVM "a3_custom\mapcontent\DMS_Napf_Castle.sqf"; to your fn_init.sqf and add the DMS_Napf_Castle.sqf file to your /mapcontent/ folder.
2. Extract your DMS PBO file and add the following 2 files into the correct places:
3. Add the line ["Napf_Castle_Mission",8] from @ExileServer\addons\a3_dms\config.sqf into your DMS config.sqf
4. Repack DMS PBO file (checking it packed with all 3 prefix files) and upload to @ExileServer\addons\ on your server

Please leave constructive criticism or any bugs I may have left in.



Before mission starts:



After mission starts:



Night time lighting effects:



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On ‎2‎/‎18‎/‎2019 at 1:34 PM, Castello said:

Just downloaded your "Napf Full Mission Pack", but it is empty. Is there another download?

I am building the package at the moment for the full mission pack as I am going to release my entire Napf DMS missions.

Napf castle will be included once I finish the package as it takes time to write all the instructions etc, forgot I pushed the almost empty folder to GitHub sorry.

Will post new thread once I finish and release.

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