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Server Fault


A little back story.. Things have been going well until.... I recently decided to make some map changes on my server. Added a bridge and building, new markers blah blah. Server boots works fine. Everything is where it should be.. Oh but look there is some trees right in the middle of my freshly placed road.. Easy, I'll use the terrain removal tool. But wait.. I don't load my active mission when making changes.. What I do (and its probably wrong) is, I make changes on a fresh mission file and then copy the needed changes over to the active mission, and all add-on features to initserver.sqf and initplayer.sqf. well that worked with the exception of the trees are still there.. so... I loaded the active mission (a copy) and then applied the terrain removal and saved.. moved just the mission.sqminto the active (original) folder.. Ran the mission.. Look all is working... tree is gone.. But wait again... The time is off? Odd, as I have a weather script that has been working fine until just now. Server should start at 15:00, but seems more like 17+ as my time acceleration script is triggered.  oh well no biggie.. I'll figure it out later.. Next morning.. Server is off line and I find the following in the log.


  CUP_CALanguage_e in ca\language_e\
  CAWeapons2_RPG18 in CUP\Terrains\cup_terrains_dummy\
  CUP_Creatures_Military_USMC in CUP\Creatures\People\Military\CUP_Creatures_People_Military_USMC\
  A3_Air_F_Heli_Heli_Light_01 in a3\air_f_heli\heli_light_01\
  CuratorOnly_Modules_F_Curator_Animals in a3\baseconfig_f\
  A3_Drones_F in a3\drones_f\, A3_Modules_F_Skirmish in a3\modules_f\skirmish\
  A3_Weapons_F_Beta_LongRangeRifles_GM6 in a3\weapons_f_beta\longrangerifles\gm6\
  HSim_ModulesCore_H_Functions_PMC in hsim\data_h\
  A3_Structures_F_Exp_Commercial_Shop_City_03 in a3\structures_f_exp\commercial\shop_city_03\
  A3_Functions_F_Orange in a3\functions_f_orange\
  HSim_Water_H_Destroyer in hsim\data_h\
  CUP_TrackedVehicles_T72 in CUP\TrackedVehicles\CUP_TrackedVehicles_T72\
  CUP_Creatures_Military_NAPA in CUP\Creatures\People\Military\CUP_Creatures_People_Military_NAPA\
  CA_Plants2_Misc in ca\plants2\misc\
  AiA_Structures_pmc_Data in CUP\Terrains\cup_terrains_aia_compat\
  CUP_Weapons_Data in ca\weapons\
  A3_Air_F_Heli_Heli_Light_02 in a3\air_f_heli\heli_light_02\
  A3_Armor_F_Gamma in a3\armor_f_gamma\, A3_BaseConfig_F in a3\baseconfig_f\
  A3_Structures_F_Items in a3\structures_f\items\
  A3_Structures_F_Bootcamp_Civ_Camping in a3\structures_f_bootcamp\civ\camping\
  AiA_Rocks_Config in CUP\Terrains\cup_terrains_aia_compat\
  CUP_Ind_SawMill in ca\structures_c\ind_sawmill\
  CUP_Creatures_People_Civil_Russia in CUP\Creatures\People\Civil\CUP_Creatures_People_Civil_Russia\
  A3_Structures_F_Exp_Commercial_Shop_City_04 in a3\structures_f_exp\commercial\shop_city_04\
  CA_Modules_StratLayer in CUP\Terrains\cup_terrains_dummy\
  A3_Structures_F_Exp_Cultural in a3\structures_f_exp\cultural\
  CUP_Weapons_PK in CUP\Weapons\CUP_Weapons_PK\
  CAWater2_smallboat_1 in CUP\Terrains\cup_terrains_dummy\, CA_MPA in ca\mp_armory\
  A3_Air_F_Heli_Heli_Light_03 in a3\air_f_heli\heli_light_03\
  A3_Static_F_Beta in a3\static_f_beta\
  A3_Structures_F_Exp_A in a3\structures_f_exp_a\
Mods: @ExileServer;@infiSTAR_Exile;@infiSTAR_TM;@marma;A3;curator;kart;heli;mark;expansion;jets;argo;orange;tacops;dlcbundle;dlcbundle2;@Exile;@CBA_A3;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@CUP_Units;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Weapons;@Extended_Base_Mod;@DS_Houses;@AUR;@RyanZombies
ServerMods: @marma;@infiSTAR_TM;@infiSTAR_Exile;@ExileServer
Distribution: 0
Version 1.80.143751
Fault time: 2017/12/26 00:27:38
Fault address:  0156C1CD 01:0047B1CD C:\TCAFiles\Users\********\46229\arma3server.exe
file:     Exile (__cur_mp)
world:    Chernarus
Prev. code bytes: 64 24 00 8B CE E8 F9 05 00 00 8B 50 08 8B 48 04
Fault code bytes: 89 0A 8B 50 04 8B 48 08 89 4A 04 8B CE C7 40 08
ECX:247CC8E4 EDX:00000000
SS:ESP:002B:032CF504  EBP:220A1BD0
DS:002B  ES:002B  FS:0053  GS:002B
note: Minidump has been generated into the file A3DS\arma3server_2017-12-25_21-25-19.mdmp

So to summarize only made changes to the following files, mission.sqm, initserver.sqf and initplayer.sqf (only for new traders) and now, at boot everything works, I can connect. But time is off, and server crashes around the time it should restart.

Edited by geekm0nkey
corrected file extention on mission.

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Sounds like a mess to keep up with.

Do this:

Make a BACK-UP of the WORKING issions file FIRST!

Open the  WORKING mission file in the editor

Mark out those trees

Save, PBO

Start Server


Do not have the working mission file?  I can not help you there except the check the settings in the menus.  There is a 'time acceleration' slider in one of the menus.




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That's what i did at the end to get the trees to stay hidden..  I have been monitoring the server, and it just survived its first restart on its own.. I'm beginning to wonder if this is a "hosting" issue with maybe physical memory issues. I'll keep monitoring it..

As for the time, issue, wont be able to do much as I am at work, I do have some rcon access, wonder if there is a way I can use that to change the time.. or view the time? But with that, is there something in the mission file that would take priority over a script? I have 2 scripts one controls the weather and has where the start time is located, and one script that check to see if the time is past 17:00 and if so accelerate time 20x till its 19:00 then back to normal. Where should I call those scripts from in order to insure they fire after EVERYTHING else is done, so the time is correct for the mission?

And thanks for the reply.

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Place a dot on the map while in the editor. Get the cords for the dot. Add the cords for the _location=[]. Run this code in your debug control first to make sure it removes the trees you want.


_location=[0,0,0]; //Cords
_radius=30; //Radius from center to remove. 10 meters, 20 meters, 1,000 meters, whatever you want
_terrainobjects = nearestTerrainObjects [_location, [], _radius];
{hideObjectGlobal _x} foreach _terrainobjects;

once you have the right radius and the trees you want gone are gone, copy what you have in debug and place the code into a init.sqf file. If you don't have one, make one. Call the the init.sqf from your initPlayerLocal.sqf with the command #include "init.sqf" then start your server up. No more trees.

You can remove the dot when you're done. It's just to get the cords you want.

Edited by Beowulfv

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Looks like it must have been something i added. I had to revert back to a backup made on the 25th before i made my bridge and military base addition.. So that brings up a question.. How best to deal with additions? Right now, my mission file only has markers, all traders and building add ons are in the initserver and initplayer files.. Is there a limit to how many items can be referenced in those files? Should I put them all in the mission.sqm file? whats best?

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