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So I have been looking for the past few days if there is any Exile.Esseker.pbo files that someone is willing to share so that I can run the map on my server? My second question is whether there is an updated guide to creating it from scratch. I have seen quite a lot of posts from two years ago but a lot of the pre-made important code like loot spawns is either outdated or discontinued. I would appreciate any help. 

Another quick question can I replace AiA with CUP addons or should I stick to using AiA?

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Those links will get you the map however to setup Esseker to run Exile is another matter.

@Sir Taiga and @JaffaCakes given your low post count, can I assume neither of you are experienced in running your own server?

If you don't have experience running one of the more basic and easier maps first (Such as Tanoa, Altis, Malden or even Cherno) then may I suggest going and getting a server online with one of those first?  As someone who did attempt to start with Esseker, I'd like to suggest getting one of the in-built missions up and running first and learn the basics of setting up custom loot spawn positions, setting up traders and that sort of thing. Once you've got an easier map under control and working well then go and setup something more complex using that as your base. It's not that hard to change maps on a server once you have the hang of things. I, personally started with Cherno to give myself a custom map to work from but one with plenty of documentation out there for me to follow and learn.

Also, @Sir Taiga AiA is outdated, use CUP and regarding the loot spawns there's plenty of info on this forum on how to create your own loot spawns to suit your server and a quick Google shows there is actually a Youtube video demonstrating the process from 2016 and that should still work just fine. Worst case scenario it uses the older format but it's quite simple to change it to look like the new one...

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