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Problems joining any exile server


so my problem is that if i want to join a exile server it always kicks me with the message "you were kicked off the game (battleye script restriction #26)"  and i already reinstalled my game and the exile mod and tried it on my own server but the same message appears and the server logs just give me the message 

 0:54:23 "ExileServer - Player Dimitri (UID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) connected!"
 0:54:24 Client: Remote object 7:0 not found
 0:54:24 "arma3/BIS_fnc_log: HandleDisconnect : 67e9e040# 1815079: invisibleman.p3d"

i tried it without the mod and it worked fine on altis life or koth servers

so can someone help me with this problem :D 

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