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Deploy Bike


Error in clientRequest - 'Forbidden message name! Payload: [""spawnDeployableVehicle"",[""2:769"",""ExAd_Bike""]]'"

I keep getting this error with my deploy bike script, can anyone help?

Thanks in advance, Happy New Year

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I guess you did not use Google.  I put in part of the error message you listed and what do you think I found?  THE ANSWER!  First return too!

I will tell you this though, you did NOT even follow the instructions when setting it up!  How do I know (not think, rather KNOW) this?  I have this mod and I followed the instructions and I do NOT get this error message!  THAT'S is how I KNOW you did not follow the directions!


I can not and will not help those who do not even put forth some reasonable effort.


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