A Word Against Grinding/Safe Hacking

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I'm sorry, but grinding is to easy. Period.

Now we have to build stupid and unpractical bases to counter it. Basically, we are in the dumbest arms race here.


Lastly, people should be allowed to come and voice their concerns and/or opinions without other people giving them a hard time for it. If people don't say anything, nothing will either change or get improved. The average player usually does not have much in choice when it comes to the server they play on. Most of us are not that lucky to be spoiled for join as it seems some of the respondents in this thread are. If you like the easy route of grinding your way into a base, then say so and move on. This thread is not about hating on players who don't like the grinder.

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Who, what? 

Just find servers that have grinding turned off like ours. Problem solved :D

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