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Arma Web Tools [WIP]

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Thanks to to the work of 'Kurewe' I was inspired to create a few useful website tools for server owners. Just like with his tool for the real-time restart, this takes just as much, if not more knowledge and experience to be able to add to a site.. NOT FOR KIDS.. No offense. This is very much a work in progress and it is free to take and modify to your hearts content. My only request is that if you do make improvements share it with the community freely!

So what is this you ask, well it started off with me using the real-time restart timer on my site, which I took the liberty to add on to.. The changes include, making it mobile friendly, different font, changes color as time counts down. Currently only 4 colors are defined, but easy enough to add more. Added words "Server Restarting" when timer reaches 0:00. For those using his timer, this is just a copy and paste, should work as is. As a precaution, I added index.html to each sub-folder that redirects to the root folder to help prevent folder snooping.

Whats new.. Well being as I already was dealing with the database, why not mine it for some data to display, so in addition to the timer, there is a online players file, complete players list, online player mapper, and heat map. I would suggest not making the active player map public unless your server is PVE only. Now the down side, the player map, isn't exactly real time, I am at the mercy of how often each record is updated, but better than nothing. You are able to zoom the maps, and click on the markers, player markers currently pop up the players name and health. There is very little in the way of documentation, and easy configuration. I apologize for that.  Currently the only map is Chernarus, with my marker placements, but you can always adapt it to other maps and will need to change the coordinates to your markers for your own server.

Hope someone finds this useful, and is able to build upon this to make it better for everyone.






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Link and update post!

Google Drive Link:

UPDATE: 01/08/2018 - added directional markers to the player map showing last direction of movement. (updated screen shot)
UPDATE: 01/08/2018 - rewrote the map files, now one map file can be configured with 4 different options, you can turn off an on the following items. Markers, Players, Bases and Heat (deaths). Just copy map.php to a new name and make changes for what to show to have more than one map on your site. I have also included the original setup instructions from 'Kurewe', as it is needed for the restart portion of the files.

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