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A compilation of error codes


Hi there guys , so I  have been spending almost 14 hours today on getting a Vanilla Arma 3 exile server to work and basically here is resolution to a few errors I experienced while setting up my server.

I followed a youtuber which made a two part video called the "the gaming junkie show hosted by Taylor " I recommend you use his guide but don't download his files rather get the latest files from exilemod.com or armaholic.com but this is not a guide but a help guide on errors I faced. 

Error 1 -  "Autoinit is supported only for persistent mission"

Resolved - in the Arma exile server change config.cfg to persistent 1  +  use  TADST and on the details tab check Persistent Battle flied and Autoinit   ( I did both ) 

Error 2 - Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port : 2303            ( did not move past this massage in the server log)

Resolved - Port forwarding must be on your router and double check in all your config files you have the right port numbers and use TADST for loading the server. 

Error 3 -  Call extentsion 'extDB2' could not be loaded

Possible solution - download both the 32 and 64 bit version - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 ( it did not work for me ) 

Resolved - downloaded the latest version and configured it in my arma server folder  https://bitbucket.org/torndeco/extdb3/downloads/

Error 4 - Successful attempt to execute serverCommand '#lock' by server 

                Successful attempt to execute serverCommand '#kick0' by server and it goes up to Successfull attempt to execute server command '#kick99' 

Game loads in but stuck before spawning screen 

Resolved - Make your SERVERPASSWORD is EXACTLY the same so Arma 3 server - config.cfg  ; Exile server config.pho ; Battle eye - BEServer.cfg ; TADST the server side scripting tab  all four these documents must have the same server password it is case sensitive.

Secondly - the username that which you use to open the in MYSQL see attached picture mine is root and then your password must be typed in correctly in the Extdb3-confi.ini the arma exile server extdb-confi.ini 

Thirdly - right click properties on every  file especially the config and DLL files  in the whole arma 3 server folder and the Extdb  and make sure windows is not blocking any DLL file and unblock them 

Fourthly - make sure that your MYSQL scheme - corresponds with the extdb3-confi.ini and extdb-confi.ini 

Fifthly - Open up TADST make sure to use the 32bit arma launcher Select the map and your mods Exile and exile server , and just get the tbamalloc_x64.dll 


Then your arma 3 server should work , double check the rpt logs and make sure you see your server connect , if you do follow the guide from the youtuber the server will unlock once it loaded correctly , I do hope this helps someone not wasting so much time as I did.    

And once it works then you realize you have a empty arma 3  vanilla exile server with no mods :) 



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