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Adjusting per item chance for loot spawn

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I think I know where this is adjusted... Inside of config.cpp that is in the exile_server_config.pbo. found an area like this.


			Percental Item Group Spawn Chances of CivillianLowerClass:

			Restraints        = 0,53%
			PistolAttachments = 1,60%
			ShotgunAmmo       = 1,60%
			SMGAmmo           = 1,60%
			SMGAttachments    = 1,60%
			Shotguns          = 2,13%
			SMG               = 2,13%
			CivilianVests     = 2,66%
			PistolAmmo        = 2,66%
			Pistols           = 4,26%
			Chemlights        = 5,32%
			CivilianItems     = 5,32%
			Drinks            = 5,32%
			RoadFlares        = 5,32%
			CivilianBackpacks = 5,85%
			CivilianClothing  = 10,64%
			CivilianHeadgear  = 10,64%
			Food              = 14,89%
			Trash             = 15,96%
		CivillianLowerClass[] = {"RoadFlares", "RoadFlares", "PistolAmmo", "Shotguns", "Food", "Food", "Food", "Trash", "CivilianHeadgear", "Food", "PistolAttachments", "Drinks", "PistolAttachments", "Chemlights", "Trash", "CivilianItems", "Trash", "CivilianHeadgear", "CivilianHeadgear", "CivilianItems", "Food", "Drinks", "Food", "Food", "CivilianBackpacks", "Drinks", "RoadFlares", "CivilianVests", "CivilianVests", "CivilianHeadgear", "CivilianHeadgear", "CivilianBackpacks", "RoadFlares", "SMGAttachments", "CivilianClothing", "Trash", "Food", "CivilianBackpacks", "Trash", "CivilianClothing", "Trash", "PistolAmmo", "CivilianClothing", "Trash", "Chemlights", "CivilianHeadgear", "CivilianClothing", "Pistols", "Trash", "Chemlights", "CivilianBackpacks", "Food", "PistolAmmo", "Trash", "CivilianVests", "Trash", "Food", "CivilianBackpacks", "Food", "Trash", "CivilianVests", "CivilianItems", "CivilianItems", "SMGAttachments", "CivilianClothing", "SMGAmmo", "Food", "CivilianClothing", "CivilianClothing", "RoadFlares", "Food", "Pistols", "Pistols", "Shotguns", "Chemlights", "RoadFlares", "RoadFlares", "PistolAmmo", "SMGAttachments", "CivilianBackpacks", "CivilianItems", "Trash", "CivilianHeadgear", "CivilianClothing", "CivilianHeadgear", "Trash", "Trash", "SMG", "Food", "Chemlights", "Drinks", "CivilianItems", "CivilianClothing", "SMG", "CivilianClothing", "Trash", "CivilianHeadgear", "CivilianHeadgear", "Food", "Trash", "SMG", "SMG", "Trash", "CivilianHeadgear", "Chemlights", "Drinks", "CivilianClothing", "Pistols", "CivilianHeadgear", "CivilianHeadgear", "CivilianBackpacks", "Trash", "Chemlights", "Chemlights", "CivilianClothing", "CivilianItems", "CivilianClothing", "Trash", "Drinks", "CivilianHeadgear", "CivilianVests", "Food", "CivilianHeadgear", "PistolAttachments", "Pistols", "Drinks", "Shotguns", "CivilianItems", "Drinks", "CivilianClothing", "CivilianItems", "CivilianClothing", "Pistols", "Trash", "Food", "CivilianBackpacks", "Drinks", "RoadFlares", "Trash", "SMGAmmo", "Restraints", "Food", "CivilianClothing", "Trash", "CivilianBackpacks", "Trash", "Trash", "Chemlights", "CivilianClothing", "CivilianBackpacks", "Food", "ShotgunAmmo", "Shotguns", "Trash", "CivilianClothing", "Pistols", "Food", "Trash", "CivilianHeadgear", "Trash", "CivilianHeadgear", "Trash", "Pistols", "Food", "CivilianClothing", "CivilianItems", "Food", "RoadFlares", "CivilianHeadgear", "CivilianClothing", "ShotgunAmmo", "Food", "RoadFlares", "CivilianHeadgear", "Drinks", "Food", "CivilianHeadgear", "Food", "Chemlights", "SMGAmmo", "Trash", "Food", "CivilianBackpacks", "Food", "Food", "Trash", "ShotgunAmmo", "PistolAmmo"};


Lets pick food for instance, it says 14, 89%, in the class, if you count all the times food is an item, its 28, same with trash which is 30, double whats in the comment field.

My question is this, do I add/remove entries in this class to add or lessen the chances of that item spawning.. And please for the love of god, tell me someone has a utility that will do this tedious work for me.


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