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Me and some friends started playing Exile about 2 weeks ago and finally bought a CH-49 Mohawk helicopter on the server we are playing. We landed on the roof of the base and it was bouncing up and down. Because it seemed buggy we decided to land on the ground instead.


We worked hard to get it and don't want to loose it to a bug... we've lost so much already to weird physics in ARMA and bugs. I tried a search, but all the results I found about landing on a base seems pretty old and the game and mod has been patched since those old posts.


Is it safe to land a heli on the base and leave it their when the server restarts? Or is it going to blowup?

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It is possible, though NOT recommended!

This is an ARMA issue.  ONE reason for the the 'explosions' is how ARMA spawns in things.  It sets them at zero degrees then rotates them.  If they hit anything during this process...BOOM!

Also, putting wheels on flooring seams seems to be an issue too.


1 - Play on a server that offers a virtual garage - ALL problems solved!

2 - Park and put ALL wheels ONLY on the flooring - NOT ON A SEAM!

3 - Park it on the ground and place a building object between the blades.  The may try to take it, but with broken blades, it will not get off the ground!



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