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[Assault] Marian

Problem with mission.sqm


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You have an extra curly brace between the end of item533 and the beginning of item534.

Try this:


        class Item533
            class PositionInfo
            class Attributes
        class Item534 //added 11/01/18
            class Item1
        dataType = "Marker";
        position[] = {14453, 0, 19319.2};
        name = "ExileMarker1";
        text = "Trader - Wehrheim";
        markerType = "ELLIPSE";
        type = "ExileTraderZone";
        colorName = "ColorBlack";
        fillName = "Border";
        a = 200;
        b = 200;
        drawBorder = 1;
        id = 101;
        atlOffset = 0;
            class Item2

The linenumber isn't necessarily indicative of where the issue is.  How the braces match up is.

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