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zombie exilez 2


i have problem instal this zombie use map namalsk max zombie respawn maxmimu 3-4 and it takes a long time before it respawn zombie why ?

Im use standard trigger possition



// *** REMOVE trigger 3,4,5 in fn_init. *Do not forget to remove them from the trigger array *Line 184 to 250

Military = [         
    [4150,6650,200],  // Serja Army Base
    [3555,6662,200]   // Southern Army Base

Cities = [              
    [6721,11179,300], // Vorkuta
    [8247,10749,300], // Jalovisko
    [4829,10836,200], // Nothern Army Base
    [4444,11242,200], // Jubjansk
    [6329,9641,200],  // Airfiled
    [6481,9300,200],  // Sebjan Chemical Factory
    [7270,7950,300],  // Old Hospital
    [7727,7596,300],  // Tara Habour & Railway Station
    [7036,5830,200],  // Old Sawmill
    [3913,7558,300],  // Norinsk
    [3952,8474,200]   // Object A1



I would like to have more zombies in cities and fast respawn in city zombie doable?

and one more why old hospital no respawn zombie ??? wait wait wait nothink

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