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Something causing a short freeze/ stutter every 45 seconds in certain servers.


I've been having this issue for a while and I honestly can't figure out what's causing it. It honestly just feels like some kind of script or something that's performed regularly that's causing it.
The problem basically is just me getting a small split second freeze every 45 seconds. I've been monitoring with MSI afterburner and it simply shows the FPS dropping slightly and frametime spiking up. I measured the distance between the freezes and it shows up as every 45 seconds consistently on all the server's I've tested.
This doesn't happen to me on every single server. My usual regular server was AWG Altis, and this issue did not appear there. They removed 3 mods and did a soft wipe of all safes and suddenly I'm getting this issue there as well. On my client side, I changed absolutely nothing.
I've tried multiple servers, it happens on the following; (AWG Altis, AWG Cherno, BFC Cherno, Infinity Cherno (& old Lythium), Premium Exile Cherno and NFG Lythium).
I tried GADD Tanoa and surprisingly this issue isn't there, nor does it happen on a server with just Exilemod running and nothing else.
This issue doesn't happen on KoTH or Single player.

I'm really stuck, I don't know why this could be happening. Everything is set to max performance, and I've tried different Windows 10 OS builds as well as Nvidia driver versions.
The thing that FURTHER confuses me... is that this happens on my laptop as well. And it even happens on a different account!
The server owner of AWG Altis even put me onto the test server and he removed the cleanup script, but the same issue persisted.

Can anyone think of some kind of anti-hack or cleanup or some kind of script that checks every 45 seconds?

Thank you

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It also could be your networking equipment....the OS, drivers, net board, router, or even your ISP.  There are many values that can be altered by you, other programs, and even a virus.

Do not discount that this is not the issue.

Another thing is not having enough RAM.  When you play 'plain' Exile as an example, you use 1g of RAM.  When you play on a modded server, you use 2g.  Whoops!  You only have 2g, so guess what it must do every so often?  READ/WRITE TO THE HARD DISK!  And this CAN 'freeze' the game.

Your ARMA settings also could be 'whacked' as well as there are memory settings in it too.

Another thing that points to it being on your end is this;  If it was an issue with Exile and/or a mod, MANY people would be complaining.  Yet, you are the only one.  The difference?  WE do not use your computer or network.  HOWEVER, WE use everything else (server/Exile/mods).

Sadly, I would bet my life on this that the problem is on your end.  I would be checking to see what programs are doing updates every 45 seconds...I think that is where the problem lies...  Run a program such as Razor's Cortex.  It will 'kill' all background programs and this might help as well.


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