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Finally have our server running pretty good so we have been trying to add a few things

We tried to add these two mods and was trying to spawn and add them to loot

But when I load these on the server @TRYK;@VSM; they work but cant get the spawning going

I have the zabb, spe, vsmaoq keys in the right place but I'm not sure if I'm doing something else wrong here so maybe someone can help me

They show up fine within Infistar and it definitely sees them, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to get these to actually spawn on the ground

I can spawn them onto another player or onto my person, and these can be dropped on the ground fine and picked up again, moved, etc .. and you can see the icons, seems to be working

Aside from issues like some of the world models showing up as a generic whole body model laying on the ground or appearing like a weapon magazine.. seems to work just fine for everyone

However, I just cant seem get them to spawn onto the ground

So I'm unsure if it is a problem with the mod themselves being broken, I've somehow not installed or ran them properly or if it is just an issue with infistar somehow not allowing it, which I believe to be unlikely

Everything looks pretty good and infistar works great with every mod I've really ever used, including these just no ground spawns

I know there is a whitelist for vehicles which I would understand but don't see how or why it would prevent me from spawning a uniform unless it was broken or that I was doing something wrong

I combed through of all of that just incase there was one I did not notice for uniforms

They show up in there fine and it seems to work for the most part

I have seen these on other servers and was wondering if anyone else has had these kinds of problems getting it to spawn

Or would be willing to take the time to tell me what they did to get it to work, I would really appreciate it

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1 hour ago, dima054 said:

For it to spawn you have to add them to loot tables.
And for them to show in traders you have to add them to traders.

Negative. If the mod is installed before you add it to loot tables / traders. As a rule of thumb, I spawn it on the ground infront of me and make sure it works fine before adding it to the loot or the traders. I've never had to put the loot or trader tables just to get it to spawn on the ground through infistar.

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