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DMS Stopping Static Respawn

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I'm tired so I may be missing something obvious, but players on my server complaining. 

Is there any way to stop static missions in DMS from respawning upon completion? For some reason my custom static missions are ignoring the config.sqf settings and respawning only a few minutes upon completion.

/*General settings for static missions*/
	DMS_StaticMission					= true;						// Enable/disable static mission system.
	DMS_MaxStaticMissions				= 6;						// Maximum number of Static Missions running at the same time. It's recommended you set this to the same amount of static missions that you have in total. This config will be ignored by "DMS_StaticMissionsOnServerStart".
	DMS_TimeToFirstStaticMission		= [30,30];					// [Minimum,Maximum] time between first static mission spawn. | DEFAULT: 3-7 minutes.
	DMS_TimeBetweenStaticMissions		= [900,1800];				// [Minimum,Maximum] time between static missions (if static mission limit is not reached) | DEFAULT: 15-30 mins
	DMS_StaticMissionTimeOut			= [1800,3600]; 				// [Minimum,Maximum] time it will take for a static mission to timeout | DEFAULT: 30-60 mins
	DMS_StaticMissionTimeoutResetRange	= 1500;						// If a player is this close to a mission then it won't time-out. Set to 0 to disable this check.
	DMS_SMissionTimeoutResetFrequency	= 180;						// How often (in seconds) to check for nearby players and reset the mission timeout for static missions.
	DMS_ResetStaticMissionTimeoutOnKill	= true;						// Whether or not to reset the mission timeout when an AI is killed (for Static Missions).
	DMS_StaticMinPlayerDistance			= 1500;						// If a player is this close to a mission location, then it won't spawn the mission and will wait 60 seconds before attempting to spawn it.
	DMS_AllowStaticReinforcements		= true;						// Whether or not static missions will receive reinforcements. This will simply disable the calling of GroupReinforcementsMonitor;
	DMS_SpawnFlareOnReinforcements		= true;						// Whether or not to spawn a flare and noise when AI reinforcements have spawned.
	/*General settings for static missions*/

Using the default static settings.

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