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Hello Exile-Community.

I want to create a PvE-Exile server. Right now everything is working just fine. Now I created a PvP-Zone so players can also have some PvP action on the server as well. The last thing i want to add is, that if you move into the zone, you get a notification like "WARNING! You've entered the PvP-Zone". Unfortunately I dont know how to do that. I have searched for a solution, but i couldnt find any.

On old topics you had to add a Sensor into your mission.sqm, but it doesnt look like it works anymore. Can someone help me to solve this problem?



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Wrong section, please look up next time - this topic belongs in here:

Anyways, in initPlayerLocal.sqf:

[] execVM "pvpzone.sqf";

Create pvpzone.sqf in missionfile:

pvpzone.sqf by WURSTKETTE

private ["_pvp","_obj"];

//Place an object (Example: Flag_Larkin_F) thru editor IN THE MIDDLE of pvp zone, make sure it's an unique object on the map. I also suggest creating a mapmarker for pvpzone in mission.sqm

_obj = "Flag_Larkin_F"; 

if (!isDedicated) then { 

  		while {true} do {
				_pvp = count nearestObjects [player, [_obj], 500]; //500 = radius of pvp zone	
				if (_pvp > 0) exitWith {
				["ENTERING PVP ZONE"] spawn ExileClient_gui_baguette_show;
				["ErrorTitleAndText", ["PVP ZONE!", "You just entered the area of outlaws. Killing each other in this zone is allowed!"]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast;






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I'm trying to create PvP Zone myself , been changing safezones code with combination of AntiPVP script posted on forums.
So far no luck... Can you help me get it working , @BeatenByBacon ? 

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