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exile_3den missing error


Hi All,

I am running a ubuntu 17.10 box with Exile, CUP weapons, CUP units, CUP terrains core, CUP terrains maps, CUP vehicles and CBA_A3. Currently I'm running a custom made mission file for Esseker made using Eden and the exile_3den plugin.  I have added player slots from the exile 3den plugin and used dummy items for vehicles etc. however when I load the server and try to connect it's telling me it depends on exile_3den on the client side i.e. its not in the client's mods.

This would be okay for the mod however I can't find that plugin on the A3 launcher so people won't be able to connect without downloading and manually installing.

Currently I have exile_3den.pbo and its *.bisign file under @ExileServer\addons on my server but in order to have it on my client I need to do the same but under @Exile\addons.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong? I can't find any solid documentation for properly using objects from that plugin.


Thanks for any help in advance


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