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Ryanzombies only 1/2 spawning, will not attack me



I am attempting to host an Exile Server on Ubuntu 16.04, with zombies (Ryans zombies and the ExileZ spawner)

The zombies are causing nothing but trouble for me and i really need assistance with it...

When i launch, first of all my list of mods (The table that is displayed in the server log) says @ryanzombies is not found, is this normal? Because for the @exile it states it's directory and everything?

Thats the first of many problems, the second is that when i run into a city, expecting loads of zombies to come and attack me, i scower the whole city and there's one zombie, (I've even changed the amount of groups that should spawn in the fn_init.sqf file) and he wont even attack me, I'll beat the crap out of him with an axe and i wont be able to kill him.

I noticed that when i run into cities, this messaged gets spammed across in my server output:


12:02:30 Client: Object 3:235 (type Type_128) not found.
12:02:31 Client: Object 3:235 (type Type_128) not found.
12:02:31 Client: Object 3:235 (type Type_128) not found.

And others of similar layout.


Please help me as this has been a headache for ages now and i just want to get it done.


PS Please ask for anything you need in order to help

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