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Read before posting: List of all known problems

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Overview of all the found and known issues.

  • Open = Not started working on it yet
  • Addressed = We think we solved it, will review in next RC
  • Fixed = Confirmed working


  • Addressed - If VG doesn't find a safe POS, it doesn't handle it correctly VG now just spawns vehicles where they were last put in
  • Addressed - Ladder hatches aren't snapping correctly and doesn't give the climb option
  • Addressed - Cannot purchase a vehicle after selecting a vehicle pin code
  • Addressed - Huey blades do not move when flying
  • Addressed - HMMWV turret flash is consistently there
  • Addressed - BDRM2 turret flash is consistently there
  • Addressed - Ladder Hatches weren't giving a climb option
  • Addressed - Lada has black around the headlights (panda eyes)
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