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Chainsaw Squirrel

Ever want minefields and surface to air missiles for your OP server ? :)

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I found a couple things to create minefields and sams rockets  ( surface to air )  .. keep in mind .. these are VERY OP .. and have very long range .. so use carefully :) 
The current SAMs that was added with the JETS DLC ( Praetorian, Spartan, Centurion ) are very limited and its only BLUFOR ( west )  if you want to create a NO FLY zone over an area ..your out of luck ..till this came along .. giving ai surface to air rockets is fine for slow moving heli .. but jets they are pretty much worthless.
This sweet mod for sams SAM and AAA Config by VTI  was recently posted on steam .. it also now includes the server key ..( I requested that ) 
I just put in a request for maca to add this to the a3 launcher so .. soon it should be available to use.. when he gets around to adding February requests.
It has blufor, opfor and independent versions of the SAMS.

For Minefields, separate of DMS .. not everyone uses DMS missions :) ..or even wants minefields only in missions .. I lucked up on this script to do so ..  
I did not create either .. nor can I tell you how to implement either .. that you will have to figure out on your own .. Im merely providing the links for others that are looking for such as I was. 
So don't ask me to tell you .. how 

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