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Data file too short


Hello people of the Exile mod,

I got exited by watching one of the many videos of your mod being played.
Decided i'd give a3launcher a try, allthough the 'commander' worked good for me in the past.
I clicked an exile esseker/chernarus server and let a3launcher download the necesary mods.
After that Arma 3 would give me a fault message. stating the following. *see attached screenshot*

I figured the Exile mod file(s) were the ones giving the error so i decided to download that from your website.
As i had no clue where to put the file i decided to follow the path of the other file(s)

steamapps > workshop > content > 107410

I decided to put it into the 107410 map because all of the other mods seemed to have been installed in there.. Made a new map called Exile and dragged in the files..


I kept on getting the same fault message so i'm kind of out of options here.

Hope you guys can help me through, can't wait to play! 


Greetings, Sean "dis0rder"


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Just like it says.  As an example, it was looking for a 10mb file and when it checked, it was only 3mb long.

it would appear that the download is corrupted.  I would DELETE the ENTIRE folder (or rename it) and download it again.


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