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Spin Khan

infiStar Shift+5


Ok, I have a new local dev server running exile tanoa, ExAd for the  XM8 apps and StatsBar, and InfiStar.... that's it.  

Now, all seems to be running fine except I had to disable Battleye, not sure why, server comes up with Battleye init failure, which despite the server port +4 being open, I still think must be a port issue but as a local dev server only, I simply turned this off for now, although any thoughts on this are equally appreciated.

What I'm asking about here, however, is when I try the infiStar admin shift+5 to quick tele forward, I receive a nice toast message that this feature is disabled.  I've searched the infiStar config and I'm not seeing where this is enable/disabled.  My last run with this last year, v83, this worked fine.  I'm currently on v90.

Thoughts?  TIA

Spin Phd

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