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Question about one (few?) annoying Battleye filter(s)

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I've been struggling with particular annoying Battleye filter(s) on my server. I'm using BattlEye Auto-Exception Generator to create exceptions since I know jack shit about them and don't want to mess anything up but one of those filters is giving me serious headache.


22.02.2018 20:50:17: Reynevan ( 42cf3e073ee08a65581a28c5ae26bd6f - #3 "imple without class;";

if (_autolog) then
"bi_Logger" callExtension format["_diagSimpleObjectPerformance.csv<<trunc<<%1",_csv"


This appears every other log-in attempt and won't go away no matter what. However if I decide to re-log without doing anything it just drops me straight into the game without any issue. I already Googled shit ton of threads about similar restrictions but I found only one about this specific one and even those guys didn't manage to solve it.

For now I just made it so Battleye doesn't kick for that restriction, it just logs it, however that caused loads of other Battleye restrictions to pop out, again, every other log-in attempt. I've been adding them one by one since I don't know any better method but there seems to be no end to them and at this point (since #3 wasn't going away) I'm wondering if they'll ever stop popping out.

I've cleared every other Battleye restriction that was appearing directly in-game and I don't have any issues except those log-in motherf's....

My current scripts.txt:

Last .rpt after ~15 minutes of mission testing:

Could someone help me?

EDIT: Yes, I am using InfiSTAR and no, I haven't been messing with Battleye exceptions before installing infiSTAR

EDIT2: Example of "post #3" restriction: - I obviously see that it has something to do with RHS however not only I don't know how to tackle them all at once they also have been popping in such a ridiculous amount that I'm literally helpless...

As for the mod list, I'm using CUP Terrains Core, DS Houses, Chernarus Redux, Ryan Zombies, Extended Base Mod, RHSUSAF, RHSAFRF, RHSGREF

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I don't honestly understand anything about the battleye layout. However, I have had great success with battle filters using this tool.. May be able to help you with your situation.


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