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i have installed and uninstalled the Exile mod, several times, every time i attempt to play on any given open server, gives me the error message of the either not recognizing the mod files, or missing the entire mod. This would cause my game to freeze, and then crash. I have tried all remedies know to me, such as using the A3launcher, uninstalling the whole game + reinstall + re download + install mod = same problem. I really love this mod, and it has been a while since i have been able to play it. i plead for some help, any pointers, or if by any chance; anyone that has had the same experience? thank you in advance. 

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It would be best if you included screenshots of the actual error messages.  It is kinda hard to say 'it is this', or, 'it is that' without more information.

Screenshots of the error messages help a lot as well as including the RPT file as well in the 'spoiler' section.


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