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What this simple site does is take your "Easy Trader" data (itemListXXXXXX.hpp) and allow you to raise and lower your prices based upon a percentage rate. The rates are broken down into price ranges. This way you can have different rates per group, or all the same, choice is yours. A value of 100 or blank will not change the price, anything above 100 will increase, anything below will be a decrease. Line items that do math, mostly found in the ItemListExile.hpp file. Will need to be changed manually. I have tested this with my own server and it works, which means it could work for you, but I make no guarantee. So backup before committing to your live server. You have been warned.


Before Price Change                                                                                                                 After Price Change

notepad++_2018-02-25_20-57-40.png                     notepad++_2018-02-25_20-57-52.png

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Update: added a round to field.. Before and by default.. Would round prices to the nearest poptab.. So values could be like 13251, or 2014, etc.. With the round to option set, you can make the price round to whatever suites you.. such as round to nearest 10, so the above example would become 13250 and 2020, or say round to nearest 100, which becomes 13300 and 2000. In the event the round would produce a value less than the round value the price will be set to the round value.. For instance.. If you had something priced at 1 poptab, and round to nearest 10, it should round down to 0, but that is a no no, so we actually round up to 10. Like wise, a value of 20, rounded to nearest 50 would result in 50. Hope you get the picture..

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