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Couldn't find if this was addressed before so I'll start a topic. Is there a technical or logical reason that the trader data couldn't be put into a database instead of being statically stored in the mission file? There is so much potential that could be gained from making the data dynamic rather than static.  Here is a list of pro's i could think of by having all the trader data be stored in the database.

  • supply and demand (limit quantities, limit locations) [This is a game of survival after all.]
  • real time changes (can raise lower prices near real-time, add/remove items or groups of items without downing the server)
  • optional ability to create and maintain access to trader offline for web integration
  • makes a user trade center more attractive, if items have limits.
  • would promote resource gathering (IE: base building, PVP and raiding) If items are limited, where you cannot just go buy them..

My proposal would be thus. First column in the trader database would be location, say something like this ["trader name #1","trader name #2"] this defines where that line item is available to be sold. Then you could add some more columns such as active, quantity on hand, max available, resupply interval. then all other information currently stored in the static files such as, item name, quality, price, sell price.

I know its pretty late in the game for a change like this.. But I feel it would add a whole new dynamic to the game.. Feel free to let me know what you think or if there is anything that may cause this to not be feasible.

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This is nearly, exactly what I was talking about. (as long as its database driven not flat file) unfortunately someone has made this proprietary for this one and only server. (I can understand the need to be unique) but the community would, as a whole benefit from a feature such as this.

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On 27.2.2018 at 6:14 PM, geekm0nkey said:

as long as its database driven not flat file

All Trader items are stored in the database

- every trader has his own stock,

- prices are dependent on stock and player respect, so it is possible to have different prices on different traders.

And there is an xm8 App which shows teh stock of every tradercity.

I am waiting on Exile 1.04 and if the add on is working with it  i am thinking about publishing it.

Atm i am trying to seperate all changes i made in mpmissions to get it to work. :P


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