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I love Exile mod and appreciate all that the Exile team has done to bring us a quality mod. In the past I have done appreciation to Eichi and his team. Now I would like to do an appreciation to those that provide additional content. There are some things that are almost a must on any server that these particular individuals have released in the past. Not only that they continue to support us when it comes to debugging our servers. Alot of the times they just get sayings like "It's not working" or "I have got an error" and less of the thanks for making this happen. So come on guys lets give these guys one!

@Janski Your ExAD is a core element of so many Exile servers. It has allowed other developers to expand upon it with various scripts. Thanks!

@red_ned The work you do with DMS is unrivaled. You continue to release new content and provide help for those who need it. Thanks!

@kuplion You have released so much content and provide answers to most of the "dumb" questions that come across the forums. Thanks!

@maca134 You are another that continues to release content and answer questions. I expecially like ExileLootDrop. Thanks!

@Defent You have given us arguably the greatest AI mission system available to Exile. Thanks!

@infiSTAR This goes without saying. infiSTAR is the best addition to any Exile server. Thanks!


If I have missed someone you believe to be in this category. Please give them a shout out. If I could I would take them all out for a drink. As being somewhat active on the forums myself, I know it is hard to "keep your cool" at times.


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Thank you, dude. :) The community wouldn't be what it is without all the kind people in it!!

I'd like to add some names to that list too:

Thank you to all the developers, old and new!! @Eichi, @Grim, @Vishpala, @WolfkillArcadia, @eraser1, (and Maca is already up there! ^^^). Also thank you to @Torndeco for all his hard work on extDB3 and the various maps he's put out!!

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Well thank you @[HG]RaVeN103, I do not really think 60% are mine though!  ;)  As far as the length, I strive to give complete answers, not partial.  And yes, to some, they may seem 'long'.  However, if you're brand new to ARMA or Exile, they are just right!

When one writes, they must write to the 'lowest denominator', and as we have people who range from novices to experts, I try to write so that all can benefit from my knowledge or grasp a concept that I have presented regardless of their 'expertise' in the matter at hand.  Remember, there was a time when none of us knew anything as well and someone took the time to help us...  ;)

As I do not know what every reader 'knows', for me to assume you 'know your stuff' is mighty presumptuous of me and disrespectful to you as a person.

Personally, I would rather have too much information then not enough information.  Not enough leads one to make mistakes, waste time and resources.

Being through?  Guilty as charged... 


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