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Some how managed to delete my original post... Sigh..

I am asking for community help and input to bring the mod to completion. As I had stated before (trust me on this), I know a bit about coding and not enough about coding in arma.  This is a mod concept I would like to see, its a PVP map marker mod. Should be a simple script that places a circular marker on the map for ever live player holding a weapon, if they are dead or not hold a weapon, the marker needs to be removed. Here is my work in process for the script please help me get this working. Here are some bullet points for what I would like the script to do.

  • Markers for live players only
  • Markers for armed players only
  • Marker show general location. (player in marker not in center)
  • Markers are removed when player holsters or puts away weapon. (if they don't want to be tracked)
  • Markers update every 5 minutes.
  • Optional - color changes if player has more than xxx poptabs (high value target)
  • Optional - Radius changes based upon k/d, higher k/d smaller radius.
  • Optional - ability choose to remove markers if within xx meters from  base, or savezone.

Here is the work in progress, feel free to improve upon.

[ code removed, soon to be a release. solved it all on my own.. lol ]

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I have already coded this for my website in PHP, just don't know enough about arma coding to apply it. Here is a screen shot.. I have enabled the actual player mark so you can see how the circle is offset to not center the players location.


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