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Exile breaks Zeus UI


Any idea why Exile breaks the Zeus UI?  Error message is in the screenshot attached.

This error is always shown when using Zeus with the Exile mod loaded on the client.


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//--- Update clock
		_ctrlClock = _display displayctrl IDC_RSCDISPLAYCURATOR_CLOCK;
		if (ctrlshown _ctrlClock && time > (_logic getvariable ["clocktime",0])) then {
			_ctrlClockDuration = _display displayctrl IDC_RSCDISPLAYCURATOR_CLOCKDURATION;
			_ctrlClockDaytime = _display displayctrl IDC_RSCDISPLAYCURATOR_CLOCKDAYTIME;
			_ctrlClockCountdown = _display displayctrl IDC_RSCDISPLAYCURATOR_CLOCKCOUNTDOWN;

			_countdown = [] call bis_fnc_missionTimeLeft;
			_countdownText = if (_countdown < 0) then {"-:--:--"} else {[_countdown / 3600] call bis_fnc_timetostring};

			_ctrlClockDuration ctrlsettext ("+" + ([time / 3600] call bis_fnc_timetostring));
			_ctrlClockDaytime ctrlsettext ([daytime,"HH:MM"] call bis_fnc_timetostring);
			_ctrlClockCountdown ctrlsettext ("-" + _countdownText);

			_logic setvariable ["clocktime",time + 1];

that could should say everythingxD

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