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Extended Base Mod - Some Items not showing when trying to place


Added EBM and all was well. Then added ZCP, DMS Occupation, HAP-ALL (already had HAP). after restart it looks like ZCP and Occupation are working good, the missions and the roaming AI are there and doing their thing. Went to my Base to add some more items. They show on the traders, you can buy them and add them to vehicle and personal inventory, but when you try and Construct (open personal inventory, double click item, click construct) the construct screen comes up but the item (Large sandbag wall 8m for example) is not visible. After placing the item they are still not visible. I have removed HAP and HAP-ALL because they were not working at all (Going to reinstall HAP now that some one gave me some instructions on it). Any ideas on why items are not visible? The items that were placed and working are still in place and visible, this just seems to be effecting new items.

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