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1.0.4 Weird Server Crash


Running Windows Server, Server gets all the way to Game Started then nothing, 0% cpu usage, stuck at connecting. Tried both 32 and 64bit. Also redownloaded everything. Tried the exact same setup on my test server, runs fine. I also get no errors. The server just freezes. This used to happen on 1.0.3 only when running 64bit, now its both 32 and 64. Also downloaded and installed all the c++ packages.

RPT: https://pastebin.com/iQHMNe4w

EDIT: Forgot to add Default Arma 3 Server runs and works fine. So I'm guessing it's something to do with Exile?

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fixed by using old Exile simulation instead of Arma. in Config.cpp... don't know why that's causing the crash.


class CfgSimulation
        Use Arma built in Dynamic Simulation. 
        If you have any issues with players unable to get into cars, control vehicles, fly planes, etc. try turning this off
            0: Use Exile's built in simulation system (Same system in 1.0.3 and below)
            1: Use Dynamic Simulation
    enableDynamicSimulation = 0;


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