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help on customized loadouts for infantry and vehicals

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ok so idk if anyone has done this and had any luck with it but im wanting a way to pick a loadout for a aircraft for example the a16 wipeout just like u do on ur character at the gear traders 


default loadout is 6 macers 4gbus 2sidewinder missiles and 14 rockets i want to be able to buy an aircraft and then pick what load out it has such as this

6gbus 4 sidewinders or all gbus or all hydra rockets since my server has atgms disabled on jets no macers 


is this something that can be done for vehicals?(mainly aircraft such as jets)


i would also like to have a load out screen like back in dayz overpoch i have the respect based loadouts granted they arent exactly great because i just thru them together real fast so that are missing stuff but id like to have a loadout selection that is either respect based or is like a trader where u buy gear but pay directly from ur bank


primary m4a1carbine 4 mags supressor bipod/grippod dms 

secondary m1911 3 mags

launcher rpg7 

uniform exile woodland

vest carry rig

backpack carry all with 2rpg rocks

and all the other stuff


if any of this can be done without writing the script myself that would be very cool and if anyone has a script for doing this already then if they dont mind sharing itd be cool 


also i could use some help on the status bar thing like a customizable one or something i have looked but havent found yet

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