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Guys do to real life stuff I am unable to work on Exile anymore. I am not certain this version of ExAd still works. If someone wants to fix it like @Monkeynutz please do. I just can't find the time to work on scripting at the moment. 


First, thanks to @Janski and @Monkeynutz for giving us this awesome mod in the first place. I understand they have been under intense scrutiny to fix ExAd to work on latest Exile release. Second, thanks to @Spazz711 and @Razor77 for working with the community and providing a solid update that works. I am merely the guy that put all their work into a simple download that will hopefully be easy for others to implement. Now without further adieu ExAd v1.0.4.

This version of ExAd includes the following additions:

ExAd Server Rules

ExAd View Distance Settings

ExAd Unit Scanner by @jaxx0rr & @woodysg

ExAd Virtual Garage (removable)


Basemarker by @Lunchbox

ExAd Statusbar

ExAd Deploy Quad Bike

Recuit AI Bodyguards by @aussie battler


Again this is not my work, but a compile of mods/apps that will work on current version of Exile 1.0.4. My hope is to make things a bit easier for the community to employ these apps. Please follow the directions located in the README file provided. If you get confused read original ExAd documentation.



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@Beowulfv provided a way to replace the Virtual Garage button on start of XM8 with the ExAd version. I will not be including this with the download. However, if you wish to do this follow the steps in the post below:


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To avoid Exile Animals showing on the unit scanner add this line to

change line 37 to:


    if (_objClass != "Exile_Unit_Player" && _objClass != "Exile_Animal_Goat_Black" && _objClass != "Exile_Animal_Goat_Dirty" && _objClass != "Exile_Animal_Goat_Old" && _objClass != "Exile_Animal_Goat_Spotted" && _objClass != "Exile_Animal_Goat_White" && _objClass != "Exile_Animal_Hen_White" && _objClass != "Exile_Animal_Rooster_Brown" && _objClass != "Exile_Animal_Rooster_Gold" && _objClass != "Exile_Animal_Rooster_White" && _objClass != "Exile_Animal_Sheep_Beige" && _objClass != "Exile_Animal_Sheep_Spotted" && _objClass != "Exile_Animal_Sheep_Tricolor" && _objClass != "Exile_Animal_Sheep_White" && _objClass != "Salema_F" && _objClass != "Ornate_random_F" && _objClass != "Mackerel_F" && _objClass != "Tuna_F" && _objClass != "Mullet_F" && _objClass != "CatShark_F" && _objClass != "Rabbit_F" && _objClass != "Snake_random_F" && _objClass != "Turtle_F" && _objClass != "Hen_random_F" && _objClass != "Cock_random_F" && _objClass != "Cock_white_F" && _objClass != "Goat_random_F" && _objClass != "Sheep_random_F") then {



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