UID based load out meged with custom bambi load out

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We are looking for a solution to merge a UID based load out with the custom bambi load out

Like these below.

We have xSpawn installed with custom bambi load out, and would like to offer our player the opportunity to buy a custom load out, which then is locked to their UID 

(So if the player dies, the uniform either de-spawns or it can not be taken by another player UID)

Is there a script like this somewhere out there, or is anyone willing to help merge the files

I have tried to merge our ExileServer_object_player_createBambi with one I found in here (can't find it again) but here's the pastbin


And this is the one I tried to merge. It's un-tested, but can someone tell if it might work...?? 


Thx in advance



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