My server crashed last night and it didn't do a minidump but in the extDB logs I found this. It seems there is something wrong in my Ini file. Any help would be greatly appreciated on how to fix this . It has happened a few other times but I can seem to find a fix for it.


[00:30:19:052042 --4:00] [Thread 4892] extDB2: Database Type: MySQL
[00:30:19:053689 --4:00] [Thread 4892] extDB2: Database Session Pool Started
[00:30:19:054921 --4:00] [Thread 4892] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Loading Template Filename: C:\PVPLythium\@ExileServer\extDB\sql_custom_v2\exile.ini
[00:30:19:055059 --4:00] [Thread 4892] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Version 12 Detected, Latest Version 12 Available
[00:30:19:266035 --4:00] [Thread 1780] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Error StatementException: MySQL: [MySQL]: [Comment]: mysql_stmt_execute error    [mysql_stmt_error]: Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction    [mysql_stmt_errno]: 1213    [mysql_stmt_sqlstate]: 40001    [statemnt]: UPDATE territory SET deleted_at = NOW() WHERE last_paid_at < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL ? DAY) AND deleted_at IS NULL
[00:30:19:266073 --4:00] [Thread 1780] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Wiping Statements + Session
[00:30:19:266362 --4:00] [Thread 1780] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Error: UniqueID: 1 Input String: markDeleteUnpaidTerritories:8
[01:20:47:751251 --4:00] [Thread 4644] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Error No Custom Call Not Found: Input String setAccountMoney:31450:76561198119103421
[01:20:47:751308 --4:00] [Thread 4644] extDB2: SQL_CUSTOM_V2: Error No Custom Call Not Found: Callname setAccountMoney

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