Flag Hacking 1.0.4

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Hey guys.

Can someone help me please? The script works but there is a problem.

When I hack the flag i got this error ->

The base laptop stucks in me ->

And the hack lasts only a second and then spawn the vehicle out of VG, i set the duration on 100


class CfgFlagHacking
    enableHacking = 1;
    failChance = 25;
    hackDuration = 100;
    maxHackAttempts = 5;
    minPlayers = 1;
    maxHacks = 3;
    removeChance = 10;
    showMapIcon = 1;
    notifyServer = 1;
    notificationCooldown = 5;


can someone help me? rpt says nothing

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I give up I can not get it to work ...

maybe the script is not working what I found in my stuff i dont know :(

Someone knows how i can override my Virtual garage i found this but no way to do it

On 3/9/2018 at 6:03 AM, StokesMagee said:

It stays but when you click the button it says "This server has Virtual Garage disabled! Ask the server owner to enable it!"

you can always replace it with something else, or override it with the ExAd one. 

as for converting them to the "new format", i've not done much research on it but i think you can just generate a random "nickname" for each vehicle that is in the ExAd garage and players will be able to take them out.


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